Projects List




S/NEnd UserProject NameBrief Description of Work & QuantitiesYear
1Sumail Water Distribution Network1600A LV MCC Panels – 1 No. with 75kW Softstarters – 2Nos.

400A LV  MCC Panel – 1 No. with 37kW Softstarters – 2Nos.

2Water Supply Scheme to Yeti, Al Husn and Al Bandar  – Barr Al Jissah1250A LV MCC Panels withdrawable type – 1 No.

SMDB’s, Feeder Pillar, Lighting DB’s, ACDB’s…etc  – 6Nos.


Farha Expansion- 2nd & 3rd Train -MR-PSD-15-524

Main Distribution Board (6000A BUS) &

1600A MCC (Draw out type)

4Power Distribution Boards,

Junction Boxes & Control Terminal Boxes

5Upgradation of Packing System400A LV  Intelligent MCC with PLC Panels2016
6Lift Stations

CCC – B5 Project

(On Going)

2Nos. 250A LV MCC Panels2017
7LV MCC Switchgear Panel-JOGS160703-E-DSH-E6010

Jord Oil & Gas Systems

(On going)

4000A MCC Panel2017

LV Main Distribution Panel for SHF EPF-MR-PSD-17-003

(On going)

3200A Main Distribution Board With 3 Nos. 2500A Incomers & 46 Nos. Out Going Feeders With Drawable Type2017
9Dahreez Pumping station  C-197

PS-3 & VIP

Junction Boxes2017
10GPO-16-0782-MR-OP-16-455 MAIN DB FOR FARHA OLD CAMP1600A Main Distribution Board2017
11Replacement of MDB at Golden Tulip1600A LV MDB Form IV Type

Construction of LV Room

12APS-20/5 & 11/4 Area


200A & 250A LV MCC Panels2017
13Dahreez Pumping station  C-197

PS-3 & VIP

125A & 400A LV Intelligent MCC Panels with PLC


14RO Plant Control System400A Intelligent Motor Control Centre with PLC & VFD (Form 2 Panel)2017
15ER-45 Line630A Intelligent Motor Control Centre Drawout System with Simocode Motor Management Relays2017
16Qurrayat Water Distribution Network


2500A LV MCC Panels, APFC Panels, SMDBs2017