Product Range

Intelligent Motor Control Centres (IMCCs)

  • Rated Current up to 6300A
  • Rated short-time withstand current (lcw): Up to 150 kA
  • Fixed / Withdrawable design Installation
  • Form 1 to Form 4 form of separations
  • Design-verified in accordance with IEC 61439-1/2 and EN 61439- 1/2
  • Modular system with customized design to meet end user requirements
  • Profibus / Profinet / Modbus Communication
  • BMS/SCADA Communication
  • SIMOCODE motor management for higher-level process

Power Control Centres (PCC) / Main Distribution Boards (MDB) / LV Panels

  • Rated Current up to 6300A
  • Rated short-time withstand current (lcw) : Up to 150kA
  • Fixed / Withdrawable design installations
  • Form 2 & Form 4 Constructions
  • Design-verified in accordance with IEC 61439-1/2 and EN 61439-1/2
  • Modular System with Customized design to meet end user requirements.

Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDB)

  • Rating 250A, 400A & 630A
  • 25kA, 35kA or 50kA fault rated systems
  • Type tested to IEC 61439-2
  • 3 or 4 pole incomers
  • Meter packs, surge arresters, RCBO, and horizontal lighting & power layout are all possible
  • Plug and Play versions available

APFC Panels (Automatic Power Factor Correction-Capacitor Banks)

  • Rated from 5kVAR Up to 1400kVAR
  • Form of separations: Form 2/ Form 3
  • Incomer as MCCB/Isolator; Outgoing HRC Fuses with Capacitor switching duty contractors combination of 5-50VAR
  • Cooling Fan & Louvers for sufficient Air ventilation.
  • Harmonics reactors to filter the reactive power content of the system for energy efficiency.
  • APFC Controller: Monitors and diagnoses the lag/loss occurring in power system with controlled capacitor stepping.

Final Distribution Boards (FDBs)

  • DB configurations available in 4,6,8,10,12,14,16 SPN/TPN ways suitable for SPN / TPN ways suitable for SP/3P MCB outgoings and for Isolator / ELCB /MCCB incomers.
  • Wall Mounted, Flush or Surface Type with dead front metallic inner covers and a hinged outer door. Various locking options available.
  • Complying with IEC 61439 – 60529
  • Rated short-time withstand current 10kA (0.1s)
  • Degree of Protection IP31
  • Three phase busbars have ratings of 125A and 200A.

Automatic Transfer Switch Panels (ATS)

  • Rated up to 6300A
  • Electrical distribution using ACB/MCCB/Isolator
  • Both Electrical & Mechanical interlocks between two incomers.
  • Integral separation into functional units from Form II-IV
  • Equipped with a microprocessor based controller, which controls the operation and displays the status of the transfer switch’s position and available sources
  • Automatic or manual operation

Automation & VFD’s


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